Simcity 2013 heading to E3; Simcity an Online Game

Today Ocean Quigley, confirmed Simcity will be heading to this year’s E3 Entertainment Expo.

Quigley states that Simcity is an online game. All cities are interconnected in some way and will have an impact on the larger world. Yes, even the city you created will affect other cities around you and vice versa. Maxis servers will be calculating all the simulations between the scope of the global market, the shifts and changes that affect the region, and the interactions between each city. “We’re not just simulating the internal mechanics of cities, we’re simulating how cities relate to each other.”  Each city will be different and take on specific roles, for example a casino city’s crime can affect nearby cities, or a city that specializes in being green.

You are allowed to play alone or with friends in a region to see how each other’s cities interact with each other. Quigley described this feeling as “magical” when you see Sims from your friend’s city travel to your city.

Quigley plans to show more of Simcity later this year at the E3 Expo.



Generally reactions to this announcement were mixed. It appears players are not quite convinced this isn’t the direction the next Simcity game should take. Some gamers are hoping for a single player offline experience, being that the main series thus far was playble offline. Others are concerned about EA’s Origin DRM techniques.

[via simcity]