The Gallery is Now on

The Gallery is Now on

Check out the Gallery from your browser!

Pools Overview

Check out our brief tour of the new pools update!

Create Your Dream Sim!

The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo Walkthrough

The Sims 4 Gallery

Check Out the Gallery on!

The Sims 4’s Gallery can now be accessed at the official website! Log in with your Origin…

Sims 4 Pools

The Sims 4: Pools and Swimwear (A Brief Tour)

  The Pool Tool The Pool Tool is now available in Build Mode. Use it to draw…

Sims 4 Pool

The Sims 4: The Pools Are Here!

The highly anticipated pools update for The Sims 4 has launched! Log into Origin to automatically download…

Sims 4 Tacky Holiday Sweaters

The Sims 4: Tacky Holiday Sweaters for December!

  The┬áSims forums is hosting a poll where you can vote for a tacky holiday sweater you’d…

Sims 4 Star Wars Costumes

Sims 4: Star Wars, Pools, and Other Free Updates to Come This Year!

October 1st Update When a Sim dies, they can now return as a Ghost! Their appearance and…

Sims 4 Ghosts

The Sims 4 Adds Ghosts For Free On October 1st!

October 1st marks a special day for any Sims fan who was disappointed with the lack of…

Sims 4 Sylvan Glade

Sims 4: Secret Sylvan Glade Lot in Willow Creek

The world of Willow Creek holds a secret. Through a series of interactions you can gain entrance…

Sims 4 Hungry Games

Sims 4 Let’s Play – Day 5: Launch Day Broadcast

Today’s Sims 4 stream was broadcasted live from the production pit at Maxis and hosted by Sim…

Sims 4 Penny Arcade Household

The Sims 4: Live Demo at PAX Prime 2014

Lyndsay Pearson (Senior Producer of The Sims 4) and PAX Prime’s Joseph Alminawi aka Swiftor presented a…

Sims 4 Kim on Fire

Sims 4 Let’s Play – Day 4: Race to the Death!

We’re on day four of The Sims 4 official Twitch livestreams. Today’s echo-filled stream was hosted by…

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