Sims 4 City Living: Politics, Critic, and Social Media Careers

The Sims 4 City Living expanded the job system with three new careers! Each of these careers come with unique career assignments which will have your Sims performing tasks around the city.

Social Media Career

Social Media Craeer Sims 4

Help you Sim gain followers through social media interactions. Perform live streams and chats to build up your fanbase.


Critic Career

Sims 4 Critic Career

Have your sim critique the various artworks and cuisines around the city.  You can tour the various festivals to review the local entertainment.


Politician Career

Sims 4 Activists

Initially you’ll start off as an activist, but eventually you’ll have to choose between becoming a charity organizer or a politician. Activists are tasked with staging protests or promoting a cause around the city. Charity organizers will need to raise money, either from donations, or through unscrupulous means, such as bribes..

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