Toddlers have arrived In The Sims 4!

One of the major complaints when The Sims 4 broke ground was the lack of toddlers in the base game. Every new feature and update announced from thereon had hundreds of complaints about the missing life stage.

Toddlers Sims 4 Room

We knew through datamining that toddlers were planned at some point. When all the age groups are listed together, there was one entry that was conspicuously left blank. This led to theories that they would be added in some kind of DLC later down the line. Yet almost after a year of waiting, people had given up hope…but that ends today!

Toddlers Skills Sims 4

Toddlers have been in the works for quite some time. They come with hundreds of new animations,  dozens of new interactions, along with a slew of outfits. You can teach them to talk, help develop their skills, or even make them dance.

Toddlers will be available as a free update starting TODAY on The Sims 4!

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