The Sims 4 – Radio Song Listing

# Song Artist Pack
1 Shoby Nye Chachi and The Chinchillas Sims 4 Icon
2 Fawna Benna Slo Ekin Sims 4 Icon
3 In My Head The New Saga Sims 4 Icon
4 You’re The One That I Want The Skoddarings Sims 4 Icon
5 Dobie Boppsie Barm The Persimmon Confidential Sims 4 Icon
6 Where’s Your Heart Gone Golden Youth Outdoor Retreat Icon
7 Get It Right Oh Honey Outdoor Retreat Icon
8 Zolombray The Shoaks Outdoor Retreat Icon
9 Man Down Céleigh Chapman Outdoor Retreat Icon
10 Celeste Ezra Vine Outdoor Retreat Icon
11 Please Don’t Say You Love Me Gabrielle Aplin Outdoor Retreat Icon
12 The Business of Emotion feat. White Sea Big Data Get to Work Icon
13 Up We Go Lights Get to Work Icon
14 Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) New Politics Get to Work Icon
15 Zhivago Paper Route Get to Work Icon
16 Long Way Down Robert DeLong Get to Work Icon
1 Obrayzow Jace Jupiter Sims 4 Icon
2 Who I Am Kari Kimmel Sims 4 Icon
3 Vanity Roman Holloway Sims 4 Icon
4 Again And Again Wri Gaddison Sims 4 Icon
5 Believe In Love Bella Red Sims 4 Icon
6 “Classic” Feat. Powers The Knocks Sims 4 Icon
7 Nothing’s Wrong Echosmith Get to Work Icon
8 Drunk And Incapable feat. Melissa Steel Krishane Get to Work Icon
9 Wild Red Atlas Get to Work Icon
10 Whistle While You Work It Katy Tiz Get to Work Icon
11 Hands Macy Gray Luxury Party Icon
12 Made In Gold Nova Rockefeller Luxury Party Icon
Easy Listening
1 Lolligag Bg RL Ps Get to Work Icon
2 16th Precinct DT Jm me Get to Work Icon
3 Long Road Home DT Jm me Get to Work Icon
4 Cityscape L’Estrange Get to Work Icon
5 Gallery And Hilary L’Estrange Get to Work Icon
6 Beat Trekers Marsac Get to Work Icon
7 Carnaby Street Marsac Get to Work Icon
8 Elevator O’Brien Get to Work Icon
1 Tokiboo 60 Cyclists Sims 4 Icon
2 Real People AN21 and Max Vangeli Sims 4 Icon
3 Reach You Jacob Plant featuring Annaca Sims 4 Icon
4 Frozen Ki: Theory Sims 4 Icon
5 Pressure Overwerk Sims 4 Icon
6 Simlify Hans of Six Mas Luxury Party Icon
7 Feelin’ Spline MC Llama-lot Luxury Party Icon
1 Zumbray Edie Bridgeford Sims 4 Icon
2 Love In Your Eyes Joshua Radin Sims 4 Icon
3 Never Be Lonely Juan Lonesome Crane Sims 4 Icon
4 Iffen Dona Bin Gau Skarr Sims 4 Icon
5 Love Is True Lyle Hamption and the Hollars Sims 4 Icon
1 Nooboo Neeb Amber Revival Sims 4 Icon
2 Gell Hafta No Hast Ben Ward Sims 4 Icon
3 Gee Manray Blind Snorty Warhorse Sims 4 Icon
4 High Headed Woman Captive Sims 4 Icon
5 That Evil Cys Matters Sims 4 Icon
6 I’m Gone Luther Lecriox Sims 4 Icon
1 Argument for Violin and Cello Ilan Eshkeri Sims 4 Icon
2 Caprice 2 Ilan Eshkeri Sims 4 Icon
3 Caprice 3 Ilan Eshkeri Sims 4 Icon
4 Ostinato for Clarinet Ilan Eshkeri Sims 4 Icon
5 Piano Nocturne Ilan Eshkeri Sims 4 Icon
6 Passacaglia for Viola and Cello Ilan Eshkeri Sims 4 Icon
1 Mayzie Grobe Charlton Pettus Sims 4 Icon
2 Cascade Bubbler Jerry Martin Sims 4 Icon
3 Frolicking Wind Dancer Jerry Martin Sims 4 Icon
4 Sim Neighborhood Marc Russo Sims 4 Icon
5 Simbuy Marc Russo Sims 4 Icon
6 Makeover Mark Mothersbaugh Sims 4 Icon
7 The Sims 2 Theme Mark Mothersbaugh Sims 4 Icon
8 The Sims 2 Uni Theme Mark Mothersbaugh Sims 4 Icon
9 Simstation Mark Mothersbaugh Sims 4 Icon
10 Consumerism Simplified Steve Jablonsky Sims 4 Icon
11 The Sims 3 Theme Steve Jablonsky Sims 4 Icon
12 Universal Lobby Steve Jablonsky Sims 4 Icon
1 Hit and Run LOLO Sims 4 Icon
2 Reaper’s Black Puddle Hans of Six Mas Sims 4 Icon
3 Sammishquad Jacen Touchstone Sims 4 Icon
4 Kookablarn Jacen Touchstone Sims 4 Icon
5 Brezzy Gumbie Lentement Sims 4 Icon
6 Terroir Francois Chambre Sims 4 Icon
Winter Holiday
1 Magical Time Of The Year 1001 Swinging Nites Ensemble Sims 4 Icon
2 Christmas On East Street B.D. King Orchestra Sims 4 Icon
3 When Dreams Come True Mr. Slacker And The Bobs Sims 4 Icon
4 A Swinging Christmas Swinging Garland Sims 4 Icon
5 Winter Playground The Ladies of Glitz Sims 4 Icon
1 Like No One’s Watching Henningsons Perfect Patio Icon
2 Longneck Weekend CJ Perfect Patio Icon
3 All Nighter Lindsay Ell Perfect Patio Icon
4 Makes Me Feel Good Natalile Stovall Perfect Patio Icon
5 Feel Good Girl Brent Rupard Perfect Patio Icon
New Age
1 Into the Crystal The Unicorn Hunter Spa Day Icon
2 Tears of the Dolphin Dream The Unicorn Hunter Spa Day Icon
3 Stardust Temple The Dawn of Dar Spa Day Icon
4 Moonbeam Beach The Dawn of Dar Spa Day Icon
5 Simfinity Crystal Paws Spa Day Icon
6 Temporal Tonic Crystal Paws Spa Day Icon
7 Another Solar Visitation Valhalla Von Spa Day Icon
8 Ashwagandha Air Cycle Valhalla Von Spa Day Icon

Secret Hermit’s House Lot in Granite Falls!

Hidden in the Granite Falls Forest lies the entrance to a secret lot known as the Hermit’s House! While you’re on vacation, fast travel to the Granite Falls Forest National Park to start your adventure.



Exploring the Brambles

Outdoor Retreat Explore Brambles

During your expedition you will encounter multiple scenarios in which you must choose the correct answer to proceed. Some of these scenarios come in two different forms, indicated in our guide with an A or B.

Step Forward, lest ye be an embarrassed coward.

Upon further investigation, you stumble upon either a web blocking your path (A) or a bubbling brook (B). You could try to find another route to avoid the web, or stop to fish in the brook.

Keep Walking or Go Through Web

A) Face your fears and traverse through the spider web. The other route is much worse, trust me.

B) Congratulations! You’ve just avoided a painful encounter with Ursus Arctos!

You may now find yourself growing tired and are given an option to rest (A). Otherwise you’ll spot a shiny object in the distance (B).

Sally Forth or Ignore The Object

A) Sure, take a nap. That’s if you don’t mind ticks attacking you in your sleep.

B) Avert thine eyes! That’s no object, but a woodland monster!

Outdoor Retreat Hermit's House

Traveling onward, you’ve discovered a sacred cove. But who is that mysterious Sim?

Travel Towards the Sim and enter the Deep Woods

Outdoor Retreat Hermit

Not to worry, brave adventurer, it’s just a peaceful hermit! You’re now free to befriend him, mooch off of his belongings, and fish to thine heart’s content!

The Sims 4 Mods: Adult Beanie Visor

Sims 4 Beanie Visor Mod

The cool beanie visor hat is exclusive to children no more! The Adult Beanie Visor is available for teens through elders in all nine original colors!

Download it here!

*Requires the Outdoor Retreat game pack.

Notice any bugs or have suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

The New Clothing and Hairstyles in Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat!

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat adds an assortment of outdoor apparel, from zip-down jackets to warm cotton sweaters. Before you head out to Granite Falls, check out our catalog of the new clothing options available.


New Hairstyles


Outdoor Retreat Hairstyles

Women receive six new hairstyles consisting of ponytails, pigtails, and hair buns. Sorry fellas, you lucked out, as you only get two new options to choose from.


New Hats


Outdoor Retreat Male Hats

Outdoor Retreat Female Hats

There isn’t much color variety with the new hats they’ve added. Only one of them contains interesting variations with neatly designed logos and mascots.


Men’s Clothing


Outdoor Retreat Male Tops

Outdoor Retreat Male Bottoms

Outdoor Retreat Male Shoes

The clothing options for men are more geared towards hiking apparel, with zippers on jackets in all sorts of locations. Hiking boots take up the majority of the new footwear, and they even added some hiking sandals and split-toe shoes for comedic value.


Women’s Clothing


Outdoor Retreat Female Tops

Outdoor Retreat Female Bottoms

Outdoor Retreat Female Shoes

Sleeveless shirts and vests seems to be all the rage in this game pack. With the emphasis on shorts and mini-shorts, the clothing options seemed to be more geared towards the more younger and youthful Sims. However, the selection of footwear echoes the theme of the game pack…so put on those boots, it’s time to go hiking!


Children’s Clothing


Outdoor Retreat Male Child Clothing

Outdoor Retreat Female Child Clothing 2

Outdoor Retreat Female Child Clothing

There’s even more graphic tees and shirts for kids, however they blew it out of the park with those billed knit beanies. We bet the modders are just racing to be the first ones to convert them for adults.


Full-body Clothing


Outdoor Retreat Full Body

It’s sad to say, but the bear costumes just fall flat, and are one of the lowest points to the new clothing options in the pack. You can wear them no matter what gender or age you are, but they just feel out of place compared to the other costumes in the game. However, it does seem to have an effect that causes Sims to tense up when NPCs wear them nearby.


Outdoor Retreat Pack

Women on the other hand received some nicely designed outfits with sweaters tied to the waist. They look exceptionally great and fit well with the theme of the game pack.


Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat Trailer Releases Tomorrow!


Tomorrow marks the release day of the full Outdoor Retreat trailer. This time we got a look at the new horseshoes activity and some of the new build mode objects included in the pack. Sims can end a romantic night of sitting by the campfire and gazing at the stars with a little woohoo in their tent.

We’ll be breaking down all of the game pack’s content in our overview after its release this week.


New Outdoor Retreat Trailer to Come Next Week


A new 16-second long teaser for the Outdoor Retreat game pack was released today. The full trailer is scheduled to arrive sometime next week, so stay tuned!

The Sims 4 Introduces Game Packs with Outdoor Retreat

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Camp

New content is coming to The Sims 4 starting in January in the form of Game Packs. A Game Pack is much like the Stuff Packs of previous Sims games, but with additional gameplay content as well. These are the first paid content packs for the game and cost $20.

Outdoor Retreat is the first of these packs. It includes a new area called Granite Falls. new costumes such as a bear suit, new hairstyles, and new objects to interact with like a campfire and tents. Additional info is coming in January, so stay tuned!

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Stargazing