Secret Hermit’s House Lot in Granite Falls!

Hidden in the Granite Falls Forest lies the entrance to a secret lot known as the Hermit’s House! While you’re on vacation, fast travel to the Granite Falls Forest National Park to start your adventure.



Exploring the Brambles

Outdoor Retreat Explore Brambles

During your expedition you will encounter multiple scenarios in which you must choose the correct answer to proceed. Some of these scenarios come in two different forms, indicated in our guide with an A or B.

Step Forward, lest ye be an embarrassed coward.

Upon further investigation, you stumble upon either a web blocking your path (A) or a bubbling brook (B). You could try to find another route to avoid the web, or stop to fish in the brook.

Keep Walking or Go Through Web

A) Face your fears and traverse through the spider web. The other route is much worse, trust me.

B) Congratulations! You’ve just avoided a painful encounter with Ursus Arctos!

You may now find yourself growing tired and are given an option to rest (A). Otherwise you’ll spot a shiny object in the distance (B).

Sally Forth or Ignore The Object

A) Sure, take a nap. That’s if you don’t mind ticks attacking you in your sleep.

B) Avert thine eyes! That’s no object, but a woodland monster!

Outdoor Retreat Hermit's House

Traveling onward, you’ve discovered a sacred cove. But who is that mysterious Sim?

Travel Towards the Sim and enter the Deep Woods

Outdoor Retreat Hermit

Not to worry, brave adventurer, it’s just a peaceful hermit! You’re now free to befriend him, mooch off of his belongings, and fish to thine heart’s content!

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