Sims 4 City Living: Politics, Critic, and Social Media Careers

The Sims 4 City Living expanded the job system with three new careers! Each of these careers come with unique career assignments which will have your Sims performing tasks around the city.

Social Media Career

Social Media Craeer Sims 4

Help you Sim gain followers through social media interactions. Perform live streams and chats to build up your fanbase.


Critic Career

Sims 4 Critic Career

Have your sim critique the various artworks and cuisines around the city.  You can tour the various festivals to review the local entertainment.


Politician Career

Sims 4 Activists

Initially you’ll start off as an activist, but eventually you’ll have to choose between becoming a charity organizer or a politician. Activists are tasked with staging protests or promoting a cause around the city. Charity organizers will need to raise money, either from donations, or through unscrupulous means, such as bribes..

Sims 4: City Living: Apartment Units and Objects

A recent Sims livestream covered a bit more information on apartments. Read on below for more details on what we gathered from the stream.

Apartment Setup


An apartment complex can hold several family units. Each family unit besides the player’s is hidden from view. By hovering over a neighboring unit, the player will be given a glimpse at the layout of the apartment.

From time to time, Sims from neighboring units can be seen in the hallways. These Sims may communicate with other neighbors or interact with objects in the hall.

Objects within this space include the trash chute, elevator, bulletin board, and mailbox. The bulletin board, in particular, serves as a place to notify neighbors of their bad behaviors. For example, you could leave an affirming or passive aggressive note for neighbors who chose to blast their music.


As you get friendlier towards your neighbors, your Sim will have the option of giving them a key. Doing so will make the neighbor drop by whenever they please. What a perfect time to try out the new game console. This fun new object allows several players to participate in competitive games both online and off.


Lot Traits


Lot Traits give your apartment special quirks that provide positive or negative effects. You can change these traits as you please, but some of them are attached to the apartment itself and can not be removed.

Traits can also be applied to lots in different neighborhoods. This could help raise the difficulty of the base game based on which ones you choose.

Some traits included in this expansion pack are as follows:

  • Fast Internet: A great online connection helps out those looking to improve programming, video game, and writing skills.
  • Filthy: From clogged sewers to grimy counters, this place seems to get dirty very quickly.
  • Chef’s kitchen: Food prepared in this kitchen just seems to taste better, and comes out in better quality.
  • Gremlins: Stuff breaks here a lot, it’s like there are tiny goblins who come out at night and smash things.
  • Grody: Sims have a chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking, or using the bathroom.

Other traits include; Quake Zone, Penny Pixies, Mean Vibe, Cursed, Romantic Aura, and Great Soil.

New Objects


Several of the new objects were showcased in the Fashion District, a trendy neighborhood with architecture inspired by Tokyo and Shanghai.

A talking toilet, a curved TV, and a karaoke bar are some of the amenities you may find within the penthouse.


The talking toilet, as the name suggests, has the ability to converse with your Sim. It also features a hologram that can display the news, a disco ball, or a waterfall.


You can put your Sim’s vocal chords to the test with the new Karaoke Bar. Raising your Sim’s singing skill will unlock up to 16 songs, four of which are duets.


The Neighborhoods of San Myshuno: The Sims 4 City Living

San Myshuno is divided into four neighborhoods, each inspired by different cultures ranging from Indian and Arab, to Japanese and African. The festivals found in these districts are meant to represent the melting pot of cultures that one might find in a city.


Spice Market

First we start off with the Spice Market that was prominently shown in the recent Sims livestream. It’s full of brownstone apartments with hints of visual elements inspired by India.


This will be the neighborhood your Sims will first move into. Nestled between the streets and basketball court is the Spice Festival, giving your Sims the chance to try out foods from different cultures.


The Arts Quarter

The Arts Quarter features apartments with a modern design. Starving artists young and old can be found near the food stands trying to make a quick buck.

Arts Quarter, Sims 4 City Living

Here you can find the Art Museum inspired by the Yuerba Buena Center of San Francisco. This neighborhood is also home to the Lantern Festival, giving Sims the opportunity to view fireworks across the sky.


The Fashion District

Some of the best views of the city will be offered here at the Fashion District. Featuring a community space several stories from the ground, this neighborhood will be home to both GeekCon and Romance festivals.


Star hopefuls in San Myshuno will love Planet Sing-Pop, a new venue where sims can stretch their vocal chords in the all-new Karaoke bar.



The last of the neighborhoods is Uptown, a high rise financial district where the wealthiest of Sims can meet up at a lounge high above the city.  Unfortunately this neighborhood appears to be under wraps at the moment, so hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of it in the upcoming weeks.

Leaky Pipes & Noisy Apartment Neighbors In The Sims 4: City Living

Negative Effects

One of the things I love about City Living is the revival of negative environmental effects. No we’re not talking about weather, but rather, things outside of your control in the environment that have a negative impact on your Sim.

For example, depending on where they live, Sims will have to deal with neighbors who might be a bit overly romantic during those hot steamy nights. Others will have to put up with tenants with loud music, or neighbors who wish to use your shower.


Some negative situations will be included with apartments by default. These include apartments with rodents, leaky pipes, and faulty electrical wiring. It’s implied that these situations will lessen as you move to higher quality apartments. However, it is unknown at this time if they’ll allow you to invest in improving your apartment’s infrastructure so these events could happen less often. 

Apartment Traits


Embedded in each apartment are special traits could have a positive or negative impact on your Sim. One apartment could have a trait that improves your children’s learning skill. Another apartment could be cursed with ghosts haunting your appliances.


Your Wacky Neighbors


It appears that each apartment complex will come with a set of neighbors with personalities inspired by TV shows. This could create for some unique storytelling situations as you see them interact with others in the apartment’s common area. Optionally, you can give your neighbor a key and have them stop over at any time they please.

You can even have your very own roommate to help assist you with the rent. But do make sure you pay your rent on time to avoid the wrath of your landlord.

Apartment Space


Apartments have limited space and prevent you from knocking down any walls. If you move your Sim into a penthouse, you can rebuild the entire area from scratch just like houses in other neighborhoods.


The Sims 4: City Living Adds Apartments, Karaoke, and Festivals


City Living is the Sims 4’s newest expansion pack that will release on November 1st! This expansion takes place in the city of San Myshuno, a vibrant coastal metropolis full of festivals, apartments, and karaoke.


Unlike previous neighborhoods, the City of San Myshuno will place some limits on construction. The note states the landlord “won’t be happy with you knocking out walls and creating new bathrooms.” This should hopefully pose some new challenges on decorating a limited living space. You could even have some undesirable events in your apartment like cockroaches, leaky pipes or electrical issues.

San Myshuno City Living

Keeping oneself confined in a cramped apartment isn’t what this expansion is all about. Instead, you’ll be able to stop by one of the city’s five festivals to socialize with other Sims! Festivals like Geekcon really bring out that San Francisco vibe the expansion is going for. The Romance Festival was also announced where you can light fireworks with your date. There’s also a Spice Festival where you can take on the “Curry Challenge.” Aside from that, a basketball court and a karaoke bar were shown as other places your Sims can hang out.

Politician Career Sims 4

A few new career paths will be included in this expansion pack: Politician, Food/Art Critic, and Social Media. It appears Sims can even protest, a feature last seen early in The Sims 3 release. Moving up the career ladder may afford you to live in that big penthouse in the sky.

City Living Penthouse

More details about the expansion pack is expected to come out in the coming months, but in the meantime you can view these wonderful screenshots to get an idea of what’s to come.

The Sims 4: City Living Announced

After months of leaks and rumors, The Sims team has finally announced their next great expansion pack. The Sims 4: City Living is expected to bring the hustle and bustle of the big city over to PC screens across the world.


Previous leaked information (which we won’t be able to confirm until tomorrow), included new apartment and penthouse lot types, tourist NPCs, new traits, and Indian cuisine.

sims-4-city-living-banner-2 the-sims-4-city-living-banner-1

The official trailer launches soon, so check back tomorrow for more in-depth information regarding the pack.