The Sims 4 Adds Ghosts For Free On October 1st!

October 1st marks a special day for any Sims fan who was disappointed with the lack of some features missing from the Base game. Starting today, you can download the patch for free by signing into your Origin account.

Sims 4 Ghosts party
A new Spooky music station is also available!

When a Sim turns into a ghost, they become a Non Playable Character with several interactions. Ghosts can scare or pass through Sims; repair broken items and possess them too.

Ghosts can even woohoo!
Ghosts can even Woohoo!

You can turn them into playable characters by inviting them to your household. Doing so, lets them acquire a job, get married, or do other interactions like a regular Sim would.

Ghosts have a unique set of behaviors depending on how they died.

Type of Death: Behavior

  • Fire: Triggers a new interaction when angry.
  • Hunger: Seek to satisfy nourishment.
  • Cowplant: Cares for plants in a good mood, kills them in a bad mood.
  • Electrocution: Break electronic devices, and tends to use the hand buzzer interaction.
  • Emotional Death: Spread emotions to others.
  • Old Age / Overexertion: Relaxed and takes it easy.

Sims with high enough gardening and cooking skills can bring ghosts back to life. You’ll need the “Ambrosia” recipe which requires the Deathflower (a new garden plant), the Potion of Youth, and an Angelfish.

If you’re tired of ghosts, you can banish them off your lot by interacting with the urn or tombstone. That’s all for now. See you soon!