New Simcity Video Shows Region Play, Bridges, Crime, and More!

An exclusive Simcity video was posted on Amazon giving you a glimpse of various aspects of gameplay including regions, bridges, and crime.


Each city has a set boundary with some empty space separating it from other cities. Mountainous terrain may limit some of the space availability unless you can somehow create extra land by carving roads through cliffs. While in region view, you can visualize the hourly rate of power transferred to other cities.

The region is pre-generated with roads, highways, or rail to interconnect each city in the region. Sims can travel to different cities throughout the region by utilizing various forms of transportation. For example, robbers can drive from one city to the next unleashing crime wherever they go. As the video highlights, a robber from another city drove into the parking lot, came out of the car and entered a building. Shortly after, the alarm went off, he escaped, and a police chase ensued.

It is quite amazing to see this level of detail where Sims can physically enter and leave their homes even to panic over their neighbor’s house on fire.

This is the first time we got an actual glimpse of bridges. We’re happy to see that you can even create bridges underneath them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Simcity game without the Golden Gate Bridge making an appearance.

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