Simcity: Build Arcologies, International Airports, and Shuttle Launches

Kip Katsarelis, Simcity’s lead producer, shared some information about Simcity along with exclusive new footage on Spike Tv’s E3 All Access Live.

The game was visually inspired by tilt shift videos to create this toy model like world. This effect is achieved through a depth of field blur.

The game’s simulation is powered by an engine called “Glass Box” bringing life to the every day activities of your city. Every single sim in your city has a place they live, and a place to shop and work. Traffic is generated in real time. There will be several “data layers” to help you understand the underlying activities behind your city.

All of your Sims have wants and need. To see how well you are doing, there will be a happiness rating and your Sims will constantly give you feedback.

In multiplayer, everything you do has a rippling affect across the region. Other players’ cities will affect yours in some way. Players can work together to build “Great Works!” These include features like a international airport, a shuttle launch, or even an arcology. Players can compete in their own way through leaderboards and challenges.

Another route you can take is to create specialized cities, there will be around 5 to 7 different types of cities you can create. You can customize these cities even down to the street level with each individual building. For example, you can create a sports city.  Every few days, a major sporting event will occur, and your goal as mayor will be to attract as many Sims as possible to your stadium. You’ll also need to provide infrastructure to help your Sims reach the stadium in the first place, so build up your roads, highways, and public transportation.

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