Detective Active Career Details (The Sims 4: Get To Work)

The life of a detective is centered around the police station, wherein your Sim will be tasked with taking on cases. With the help of other officers and a bit of investigating, you’ll solve it in no time!


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The first stop is the crime map, which will give your Sim a basic understanding of the case. They’ll need to gather evidence if they have any hope of solving it, so it’s off to the crime scene. Detectives can ping the ground, revealing nearby clues to investigate. Photographing evidence, dusting for prints, and interviewing witnesses are crucial for the success of the investigation.

Back at the station, Sims can do a bit of forensics work to further examine the gathered evidence. The detective should now be able to identify and detain a suspect. After processing, the suspect can be called over to the interrogation table. Figuring out the right technique will cause the suspect to spill the beans. Case closed!


Get to Work Hats
A look at some of the hats available in Get to Work.



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