Luxury Party Stuff Objects and Music in The Sims 4

Luxury Party Furniture Scene

The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff not only adds new clothing for your Sims, but furniture and radio songs as well! Add some flair to your lot with an illuminated modern bar and accent table, along with a flashy dining set and curtains. Two banquet tables and a food & drink fountain come with new gameplay elements, perfect for lavish parties with a large number of guests.


Luxury Party Stuff Objects


  • Chiawowi Seat
  • Uptight Stool
  • The Parttoman
  • Table Sequinas
  • Boom Cube
  • Shine Bar
  • Fountain of Mirth
  • Banquetia Plateau
  • Fancy Feast Banquet Table
  • Dream Ruffles
  • Lamp de Twist
  • Pulse Panels

Luxury Party Banquet & Fountain

The banquet table can instantly be filled with a number of scrumptious dishes, either individually or all at once. Alternatively, you can place your Sims’ own cooking upon it.

  • Almond Macarons
  • Chevice and Chips
  • Roast Chicken
  • Sausage and Peppers
  • Vegetable Tempura

Serve up some tasty fondues and beverages for your guests with the new party fountain. Pour in chocolate for strawberry appetizers, or quench their thirsts with some fruit punch. Additional recipes can be unlocked with higher cooking and mixology skills, and some can even affect a Sim’s emotional state with new moodlets after consumption.


  • Chocolate
  • Cheese (Cooking level 4) +Inspired moodlet
  • Caramel (Cooking level 8)


  • Fruit Punch
  • Sparkling Apple Juice (Mixology level 3) +Playful moodlet
  • Futuristic Punch (Mixology level 5)
  • Party Extender Punch (Mixology level 8) +Energized moodlet

Luxury Stuff Sabotage or Improve

Mischievous Sims can “add something extra” to sabotage the fountain with a skill level of 4, causing a black smoke cloud to emanate from its contents. Any Sims who partake in the concoction can receive an uncomfortable or possibly playful moodlet. With a high enough cooking or mixology skill, a Sim can improve the quality of the fountain’s refreshments.

Apart from the selection of lovely furniture, several new songs are included with the pack for the pop and electronica radio stations.


  • Hands – Macy Gray
  • Made In Gold – Nova Rockefeller


  • Simlify – Hans of Six Mas
  • Feelin’ Spline – MC Llama-lot


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