Recycle Center and Casino Bug fixes coming to Simcity Patch 2.0

While most of the connectivity issues may be gone, Maxis is having another hectic week as they prepare for changes coming up in the 2.0 patch. Players have uncovered a variety of bugs that hinder Simcity’s core gameplay. Some of these fixes are currently in the testing phase and will be released once they are thoroughly examined. Kip Katsarelis wrote today that they are currently addressing “key issues” with the game such as preventing city rollbacks and enabling cheetah speed. However, the 2.0 update  plans to address issue regarding the recycling center bug, emergency response vehicle clumping, street cars, and casinos.

RCI balancing is currently a hot topic among the Simcity fan communities. In its current state, its possible to create an all residential city without needing commercial nor industry. In previous games, RCI had an inseparable relationship where I and C depended on R for workers, If one of these values were left out of the equation, your city would begin to stagnate when unemployment kicked in. In the latest Simcity, a loophole was discovered where by placing parks down next to residential buildings would provide enough jobs for working citizens. The development team says they are talking about this issue with the team but nothing can be said as of yet. Hopefully we can expect a fix for this in an upcoming patch, but since this changes the core simulation, it may take longer to go through the testing phase than other bug fixes.

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  1. What is the casino problem? I’m having great success with mine.

    I do have trouble with the recycling center, so I can see that needs some fixes.

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