Simcity 2013: Police, Casino, and Power Building Modules

Today we’ll take a look at the different types of modules you can place around the city. These modules are covered briefly in today’s newest strategy video. There have been several changes to the UI since the last video with a cleaned up interface and a more organized layout.


The video highlighted another type of gambling facility called the “Sci-Fi Casino.” This casino tends to attract medium and high-wealth residents. For a nice added touch, when you scroll by, you can hear funky music playing inside.  If you click on the casino you can check out the leaderboards to see how your casino’s net profits compares to other players.

You can expand the functionality of your Casino by placing modules near by.


The Casino’s modules include:

  • Poker Parlor: Increases your income per gambler.
  • Celebrity Stage: B and C list celebrity performances attract High-Wealth tourists.
  • Hotel: Creates 100 additional rooms for medium-wealth guests.
  • Penthouse: Creates 30 additional high-wealth rooms.

You can place these modules around the Casino and even stack them on top of each other.



Police and Emergency Response

Casinos tend to attract lots of crime, so adequate police coverage is necessary. The Crime Data Layer lets you easily visualize areas with high crime rates. You may even see some police activity and graffiti on buildings nearby. If crime gets out of control, criminals from your city may even spread out to affect other cities. Fortunately, with region play, police coverage can spread to multiple cities.

Police Precincts (high-tier) features several modules, including:

  • Police Dispatch Tower: Helps police respond to crime quicker.
  • Police Helipad: Adds a helicopter to patrol your city.

When disaster strikes, based on the situation, firefighters and police are automatically dispatched to that location. Firefighters from another player controlled city will include their avatar above their heads.


Power Plants

Coal Power Plants are heavy polluters, it may be wise to place that power plant in another city away from your main one. Power agents will travel along the roads and highways transmitting power to multiple cities. Unlike Simcity 4, your city does not exist in a bubble, pollution can eventually drift and affect other cities nearby.

Coal Power plants have various modules but only one was covered in the video.

  • Dirty Coal Generators: Increases power output by consuming more coal.

Take note that Power Plants need to be staffed in order to be fully operational. Sims from your city will travel along the highway to other cities to work at them. Nuclear Power plants are a special case in that they require staffing of highly educated Sims. Nuclear power plants with unskilled workers will lead to variable amounts of nuclear radiation leaking out of that facility.

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