SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack Announced

Simcity Cities of Tomorrow Academy

Though it came as a bit of a surprise, today Maxis announced a new expansion pack for Simcity titled “Simcity: Cities of Tomorrow.” It will include a tileset of futuristic buildings, new technology, new regions, and new specializations. Players are encouraged to either create a utopian society, or strip-mine natural resources to pollute in the name of consumerism. New technologies will allow cities to rely less on natural resources that are powered by drones driven by green energy. This new expansion pack can be yours for $29.99 for both PC and Mac and is expected to release on November 15th, 2013

Simcity: Cities of Tomorrow Features

  • A new Robot Attack Disaster
  • Green Technology or Consumerism Specializations
  • Mag Levs for Transportation
  • Mega Towers that rise into the sky



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