Simcity Offline Single Player Mode Available with Update 10!

Maxis is wrapping up development on Simcity’s offline mode which will be coming along in Update 10. Update 10 includes a new “Single Player Mode” which allows you to play the game offline with access to DLC you previously acquired. Cities in offline mode are saved locally, allowing you to save and load anytime you want. This offline mode will also allow modders to make alterations to the game’s components without affecting the online portion of the game. As exciting as the news is, it comes a little too late as the fanbase has swiftly moved on to other pastures. However, the introduction of offline mode may attract some new players; especially modders who may be able to expand the limits beyond the game’s current drawbacks. You can read more about Offline mode at the official Simcity Blog.

In the meantime we’ll be awaiting the next major Sims 4 event.

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack Announced

Simcity Cities of Tomorrow Academy

Though it came as a bit of a surprise, today Maxis announced a new expansion pack for Simcity titled “Simcity: Cities of Tomorrow.” It will include a tileset of futuristic buildings, new technology, new regions, and new specializations. Players are encouraged to either create a utopian society, or strip-mine natural resources to pollute in the name of consumerism. New technologies will allow cities to rely less on natural resources that are powered by drones driven by green energy. This new expansion pack can be yours for $29.99 for both PC and Mac and is expected to release on November 15th, 2013

Simcity: Cities of Tomorrow Features

  • A new Robot Attack Disaster
  • Green Technology or Consumerism Specializations
  • Mag Levs for Transportation
  • Mega Towers that rise into the sky



Simcity Free DLC: Nissan LEAF Charging Station

Nissan Leaf Charging Station

Today, SimCity added its first free download content that will enable Sims of all wealth values to drive around the city in the new energy efficient Nissan Leaf.  Placing the Nissan Leaf Charging Station around your city will improve the happiness of both your Sims and local businesses.  You can claim this free item by logging into your Origin account from the SimCity DLC page. This item will be available for download until October 2013.


Nissan Leaf Charging Station

Nissan LEAF Charging Station

  • Adds a one-time wave of happiness to nearby businesses
  • Makes Sims happy when they recharge their Nissan Leaf vehicles.
  • Produces no sewage or garbage.
  • You can place up to 5 charging stations per city.

The Nissan Leaf charging station can be found in the Power menu.