The Sims 4 Careers Update is Out!

Sims 4 Careers Update

Announced back in October, the highly anticipated careers update is now available!



Sims 4 Business Rewards

The Athlete and Business career tracks were added to the game, each with two branches.

At level 7 of the Athlete career, a Sim can choose between the Professional Athlete and Bodybuilder branches. while Sims in the Business career have a choice of either Management or Investor branches.

Sims 4 Athlete Rewards

In addition to the new careers, Sims can now acquire Paid Time Off by going to work, and have three days at the start. Female Sims can go on Family Leave during their third trimester of pregnancy, and both parents can take off after the birth of their child.



Many small adjustments were made to the game with this update, most notably:

  • Some career and aspiration goals were deemed too difficult or too large a gap between previous goals were made easier to complete.
  • Fruit and vegetables obtained through gardening can now be eaten.
  • Several doors, windows, and roof trims were given new color choices.
  • The rate of weight gain was reduced by half when your Sim is actually hungry.
  • Sims will no longer grab drinks from the refrigerator autonomously.
  • The lounge venue is no longer the Elder hotspot.
  • Objects will break less frequently.
  • Sims will now autonomously use swimming pools at venues.
  • You may now view the various panels for a Sim when they are at work.
  • A Sim’s life stage will now display when hovering over them.
  • Taking screenshots is enabled during Create A Sim.
  • The phone menu and career panel have received modified designs.
  • A layer of dirt will form on Sims with low hygiene.



Sims 4 Set as Head Cheat

Three new cheats were added to the game, and another was fixed. Testing cheats (testingcheats on) must be enabled in order for these cheats to work.

The Set as Head cheat has been fixed and can now actually be used. After enabled testing cheats, you can shift click on any object and place it on your active Sim’s head.

The sims.give_satisfaction_points # cheat allows you to instantly give your Sim satisfaction points based on the number inputted.

Players looking to unlock all career reward furniture without doing the work can use the bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat.

The kinara candles were able to placed on that shelf with the move objects cheat.


At last, the Move Objects cheat has made it to The Sims 4! bb.moveobjects allows you to place any item in any location, disregarding placement rules. In addition, pushing the 0 number key will move an object down, while the 9 number key will move it up.


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