Sims 4 Update (9/24/2015) – Jealous Trait, Bed Claiming, and More!

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Just one day after announcing the new Spooky Stuff pack, The Sims 4 has received a free update! A brand new trait and two Halloween-themed social interactions await players.

The Jealousy trait is ideal for possessive romantic partners. Your Sim will feel confident when their beloved is nearby, but tense when they’re not around for a prolonged period. Should they catch another Sim putting the moves on their mate, expect them to fly into a jealous fury.

Jealous Trait

These Sims get Jealous more easily than other Sims. They gain a boost of Confidence from being around their significant other, but get Tense if they haven’t seen them recently.


Sims 4 Treat

Newly introduced are social interactions available for a limited time, indicated by a small calendar icon. With Halloween coming and the Spooky Stuff pack just around the corner, the team at Maxis has created Trick and Treat interactions.

Giving a Sim a treat will slightly reduce their hunger, while the giver will receive the Spooky Sweets Bestower moodlet (Happy +2). Tricksters increase their mischief skill and gain the Spooky Time Shenanigans moodlet (Playful +2).


Sims 4 Claim Bed

Sims can finally claim their own bed, causing them to autonomously choose that bed when their energy is low. To do so, simply click on a bed and select the Claim interaction. Chances are your Sims will have already claimed beds from previous playtime.

For a comprehensive list of bug fixes in today’s update, please check the patch notes on the EA site.

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  1. I can no longer quick click the needs buttons to send a sim to fulfill needs, have to click on the items I want them to go to instead.

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