Social Club Settings In The Sims 4: Get Together!

Sims 4 Get Together Clubs

This week’s brand new trailer revealed more details on the operations of Social Clubs in The Sims 4: Get Together! A social club is a gathering of Sims who share a similar set of characteristics that follow a set of rules governed by the club leader. Club leaders are marked by a golden crown above their club’s symbol.


Sims 4 Club Name and Symbol

When forming a Club, your Sim needs to decide upon a name and icon to represent their club during social gatherings.


Sims 4 Club Requirements

Each club is comprised of a list of requirements which can be set by age, career, marital status, financial status, trait, and skill levels. You can freely choose which set of rules should be applied to the club. However, be aware that this may disqualify potential candidates when they fail to meet the requirements.


Sim 4 Club Activities

You may also choose a list of activities your club wishes to engage in. Whenever they do these activities, they’ll gain points which can be spent on special perks. You can also choose activities your club refuses to perform, like being mean or getting in fights.


Club Vibes

Here you can spend the points you’ve earned on various perks like skill boosts, social bonuses, club handshakes, and club vibes. For example, you can purchase a vibe to set your club’s mood as being playful or energetic.


Sims 4 Diving Board

And last but not least is the Club Hangout, where your Sims can relax in a house filled with activities you provide. At Simcitizens, we happened to notice the diving platforms, one made out of rocks, and another with a modern design.



Club Requirements

  • Age
  • Career
  • Marital Status
  • Financial Status
  • Trait
  • Skill Level 2+

Club Activities

  • Eat
  • Grill
  • Hangout by fire
  • Play Don’t Wake the Llama
  • Play With Toys
  • Sabotage Objects
  • Swim
  • Try On Outfits
  • Be Mean
  • Be Funny
  • Be Mischievous
  • Be Romantic
  • Chat With
  • Fight
  • Kiss

And more..




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