#TeamTrick or #TeamTreat? The Sims 4 Challenge

Trick vs Treat

The true purpose behind the Trick and Treat interactions added in September 24th’s patch has come to light. Running October 23rd through the 31st, the #TeamTrick vs. #TeamTreat Challenge pits players against one another in a battle of the social interactions!

The reward? Three of six possible new items in The Sims 4! Which ones get implemented into the game depends on which side pulls the biggest numbers. The challenge will have three rounds lasting three days a piece, each with trick and treat themed items. Just hop onto The Sims 4 during the challenge days and spam the interaction of your choosing on every Sim in sight!

Like the trick item from the first round but the treat from the second? Not to worry. Just switch teams for that round. Each round will have their own tally, so we could get the trick item from one round and the treat item from another.


Challenge #1 (October 23rd ~ 25th)

Trick and Treat Doors
Stoar the Bearded or Edgar the Generous


Challenge #2 (October 26th ~ 28th)

Trick and Treat Fish Bowls
Bones or Gummie
(Fish Bowl)


Challenge #3 (October 29th ~ 31st)

Trick and Treat Storage Chests
Buyers Beware or Ornate Beauty
(Storage Chest)


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