The Sims 4 Genealogy and Valentine’s Update

Sims 4 Celebration

The Sims is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new update for The Sims 4!

What’s New?

The main menu of the game has been revamped, adding banners, links to the latest patch notes and forums, and a Create New Household button for active saves.

Sims 4 Genealogy

Family trees are back, now called Genealogy. A Sim’s family tree can be accessed by clicking the Genealogy button in the Simology panel. Hovering over a Sim’s portrait will display their name, career, spouse, relation to the selected Sim, and cause of death if applicable. Married Sims are differentiated by a pink line connecting their portraits in the tree.


Sims 4 Valentine's Clothing

New Valentine’s themed clothing were added to Create-A-Sim, including one t-shirt per gender, boxers for men, and lingerie for women.


Sims 4 Anniversary Objects

Four new objects can be found in Build Mode, including:

  • Happy Gnomiversary!
  • Bearly Gnome
  • The “Lots of Love” Bear
  • Venue Wall Speaker: Winter Holiday

Whims (excluding emotional ones) can now be pinned, preventing them from being cycled out. To do so, hover over a whim and click the small Pin button.

Four new legacy achievements!

  • Legacy Player: Play a household for ten generations or more.
  • Alphabet Legacy: Play a household for 26 generation or more.
  • Legendary Legacy: Play a household for 100 generations or more.
  • Legacy Leader: Have ten households in the world that have been played for ten generations or more.

Adjustments / Bug Fixes

  • The infamous bug causing bartenders to ignore incoming drink orders has been patched.
  • Dates can be had on the currently active lot.
  • Fireplaces will no longer set ceiling lights and objects on the mantle ablaze, and the chance of fire spreading to nearby objects has been reduced.
  • Sims outside of your current household will now wave goodbye when leaving the active lot.
  • Outdoor Retreat: Sims can no longer enter the Bramble Patch while uncomfortable.


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