New Sims 4 Update Adds Basements and Much More!

Sims 4 Painting PortraitThe Sims 4 received a big update today, adding a good amount of cool content to the base game just in time for the Get to Work expansion. Without further ado, let’s get started on our breakdown.


World Selection Interface

Sims 4 World Selection

The world selection has a new interface and, despite my apprehension, is an okay addition. While it adds a bit of flair, it also adds an additional screen. The transition time is short, however, and it does look fancy.


Building Basements

Another fan request has been fulfilled with the free addition of basements to The Sims 4’s base game. On top of that, the ability to add a fourth floor to lots and pick up the entire lot in Build Mode were also included.

Sims 4 Basement

The Basement Tool is located in Build Mode under the walls and empty rooms category. Basements can go two levels deep, bringing the maximum number of levels on a lot to six. One interesting feature is the ability to delete the ceiling, allowing players to essentially create big holes in the ground. You can even make underground pools.

Sims 4 Move Lot

A welcome addition is the option to move an entire lot. Objects that are out of bounds are highlighted in yellow and will be deleted if placed in that position. No more placing lots from the Gallery, only to find them facing the wrong way and unable to rotate without manual adjustments.


New Hairstyles

Sims 4 WooHoo Weekend Hairstyles

The second half of our WooHoo Weekend rewards finally came today in the form of two new hairstyles. Fans were disappointed to only receive the gnome during the last patch, but it was worth the wait. These really exceeded my expectations.


New Features & Collectibles

A Notebook feature was added to the cell phone, accessed through a small, easily recognized button at the top of the cell phone menu. It documents what bait was used to catch a fish while fishing, and splicing recipes when gardening.

Sims 4 Painting Photo Reference

A big surprise is the inclusion of the photo reference painting feature. After choosing Paint from Reference (unlocked at level 3) and a size at an easel, a camera interface will appear. This will pause the game, allowing you to adjust the zoom and position of your photo reference.

Sims 4 Easter Objects

The Bunny Egg Hunt event kicks off through the month of April, adding a new Decorated Egg collectible type. You may find them in garbage cans, dig spots, or while searching for frogs. Find all ten and unlock the Bun Bun object in the Buy Catalog! The Mr. Floppy the Gnome and Guardian of the Gnomelaxy objects join the catalog as well.


Careers Update

Sims 4 Ask about Career

Non-played Sims will now be assigned careers! Along with that comes the ability to build relationships with your coworkers or classmates while at work or school. Sims can learn each other’s career through the new Ask about Career social interaction. Information regarding their job title, work schedule, and where they work can then be viewed from the relationship panel. Sims at the top of their career will be able to earn additional rewards and promotions, giving players a reason to maintain their Sims’ work performance.


Retail Business Details (The Sims 4: Get To Work)

The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack introduces a new neighborhood called Magnolia Promenade, a prime location for setting up retail lots. As a business owner, your Sim can build a store and sell any items from the buy catalog, as well as items they’ve collected or crafted. Sims can run more specialized stores, such as a boutique, bakery, and photography studio.

At a boutique, your Sim can set up mannequins with fashions you’d like to sell. With enough customers, you can set a clothing trend.

Put that new bakery skill to the test and sell scrumptious confections to hungry Sims. You’ll want to build a kitchen somewhere in the bakery. Perhaps in the basement? That’s right, basements are arriving in a free update for the base game in late March!

Sims can take up photography and create their own studio. Here you can snap photos of Sims against a selection of backdrops and in different poses. The size and orientation of a photo can be adjusted, and various filters can be applied.


Get to Work Employee

To really bring in the big bucks, your Sim is going to need some help. Up to three employees can be hired, each with their own set of skill levels. After customizing their uniform, they can start making your Sim rich. With a successful business comes perk points, which can be used to upgrade your Sim’s business savvy.

Be sure to check out our other Get to Work articles for details on active careers!


The Sims 4 Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with New Hats!

The Sims 4 St Patrick's Hat

The Sims 4 has received a new update today that fixes several bugs and crashes for the PC and Mac. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, they’ve added a new themed hat to Create-A-Sim for males and females.

Sims 4 Bare Essentials Gnome

The Bare Essentials Gnome eagerly awaits players in Build Mode as a reward for completing the WooHoo Weekend challenge.


Scientist Active Career Details (The Sims 4: Get To Work)

As a scientist, your Sim will spend their day working at the science lab. Here they’ll perform experiments, gather materials, build inventions, and discover new ideas. Some of those old collectibles your Sims have amassed can now be used to create serums.

Serums can be used on your Sim or given to others, causing effects such as becoming a ghost, altering their body shape, evoking certain emotions, and lowered needs. Amidst their day of work, the scientist can experience a “eureka moment,” indicated by a light bulb above their head. This unlocks new invention ideas at the invention constructor, including a Sim ray and a cloning machine!

Get to Work Alien World
What could this be?


Detective Active Career Details (The Sims 4: Get To Work)

The life of a detective is centered around the police station, wherein your Sim will be tasked with taking on cases. With the help of other officers and a bit of investigating, you’ll solve it in no time!


Get to Work Bulletin Board

The first stop is the crime map, which will give your Sim a basic understanding of the case. They’ll need to gather evidence if they have any hope of solving it, so it’s off to the crime scene. Detectives can ping the ground, revealing nearby clues to investigate. Photographing evidence, dusting for prints, and interviewing witnesses are crucial for the success of the investigation.

Back at the station, Sims can do a bit of forensics work to further examine the gathered evidence. The detective should now be able to identify and detain a suspect. After processing, the suspect can be called over to the interrogation table. Figuring out the right technique will cause the suspect to spill the beans. Case closed!


Get to Work Hats
A look at some of the hats available in Get to Work.



Doctor Active Career Details (The Sims 4: Get To Work)

The Sims 4: Get To Work is a new expansion pack expected to release in April 2015. This expansion features three “Active Careers” allowing you to see the day to day interactions of your Sim at work!


Get to Work Examination

As a doctor, your Sim will be spending their time at the hospital diagnosing and treating their patients. This starts off with a proper diagnosis through examining the patient from head to toe. Ailing Sims can display a variety of symptoms, from sneezing and coughing, to strange markings across the skin. As your Sim advances through the career, they’ll unlock interactions, object rewards, and be given more options to accurately diagnose a patient.


Get to Work House Call

Doctors will be given unique interactions, allowing them to give medical advice, go on house calls, and check whether pregnant Sims will have a girl or boy. They can even unlock a new romance interaction where they brush their hands across the side of a cheek.

The trailer gave us a peek at new hairstyles included in the expansion!

As the expansion pack reaches towards the release date, we hope to bring you even more information about the other “active careers,” but until then…see you soon!

The Sims 4’s WooHoo Weekend!

Sims 4 Couple

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in The Sims 4 with a WooHoo Weekend event! Starting February 13th through the 15th, Maxis wants your Sims to get busy under the sheets.

If players can collectively amass a total of over 4 million uses of the WooHoo interaction, they’ll add a naughty new gnome object sporting a mosaic. New hairstyles may even be added if players can exceed 5 million!

These rewards will be added in a free patch in March.

WooHoo Gnome

The Sims 4: Get to Work Expansion Pack Announced!

Your Sims can live out their dream careers by heading to work in the new Expansion Pack. This pack introduces three career opportunities, allowing your Sim to become a Doctor, Scientist, or Detective. Alternatively, if you’re in the entrepreneurial spirit, you can open up your own business and manage its day to day operations.


Get To WorkThe Sims 4: Get to Work releases April 2015 for $39.99!



The Careers

The Sims 4 Get To Work

Your Sims can take active employment in these careers.

Doctors work at the hospital, treating patients, saving lives, performing surgery, and even delivering babies.

Detectives will make their triumphant return, as they investigate scenes, interrogate Sims, and arrest criminals. You’ll start out as a Cadet and can rise through the ranks to become the Chief of Police.

Scientists can create zany inventions, but will they use their inventions for good or evil?


Open a Retail Business

Sims 4 Get To Work Retail

Perhaps your Sim is itching to run a successful business. Use your retail space to run businesses like bakeries, clothing boutiques, bookstores, art galleries, and more! Customize your store in Build Mode, then choose the items you’d like to sell. You can manage your employees, and schmooze with your customers to get that final sale!


Career Venues

Sims 4 Get To Work Hospital

Sims will have new career venues to travel to, like the Hospital, Police Station, and Science Lab. They can even head down to the Retail District and take an active role in managing their business.


New Skills

Sims 4 Photography Skill

Sims can use new skills to create even more unique objects. They can show off their creations at home or sell them for some extra cash! Build up the baking skill to entice customers with fancy confections, or catch the perfect scene with the new photography skill.

On our final note, we’d like to announce that Aliens are officially returning. Let’s discover what’s out of this world, when “The Sims 4: Get To Work” expansion pack drops in April 2015!


The Sims 4 Genealogy and Valentine’s Update

Sims 4 Celebration

The Sims is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new update for The Sims 4!

What’s New?

The main menu of the game has been revamped, adding banners, links to the latest patch notes and forums, and a Create New Household button for active saves.

Sims 4 Genealogy

Family trees are back, now called Genealogy. A Sim’s family tree can be accessed by clicking the Genealogy button in the Simology panel. Hovering over a Sim’s portrait will display their name, career, spouse, relation to the selected Sim, and cause of death if applicable. Married Sims are differentiated by a pink line connecting their portraits in the tree.


Sims 4 Valentine's Clothing

New Valentine’s themed clothing were added to Create-A-Sim, including one t-shirt per gender, boxers for men, and lingerie for women.


Sims 4 Anniversary Objects

Four new objects can be found in Build Mode, including:

  • Happy Gnomiversary!
  • Bearly Gnome
  • The “Lots of Love” Bear
  • Venue Wall Speaker: Winter Holiday

Whims (excluding emotional ones) can now be pinned, preventing them from being cycled out. To do so, hover over a whim and click the small Pin button.

Four new legacy achievements!

  • Legacy Player: Play a household for ten generations or more.
  • Alphabet Legacy: Play a household for 26 generation or more.
  • Legendary Legacy: Play a household for 100 generations or more.
  • Legacy Leader: Have ten households in the world that have been played for ten generations or more.

Adjustments / Bug Fixes

  • The infamous bug causing bartenders to ignore incoming drink orders has been patched.
  • Dates can be had on the currently active lot.
  • Fireplaces will no longer set ceiling lights and objects on the mantle ablaze, and the chance of fire spreading to nearby objects has been reduced.
  • Sims outside of your current household will now wave goodbye when leaving the active lot.
  • Outdoor Retreat: Sims can no longer enter the Bramble Patch while uncomfortable.


Play 48 Hours of The Sims 4 for Free!

To celebrate The Sims franchise’s 15th Anniversary on February 4th, Origin is offering a free trial for The Sims 4!

Starting January 22nd (4:00 PM PST) through February 2nd (10:00 AM PST), Origin users can download and play The Sims 4 for 48 hours at no cost! The Sims 4 joins the ranks of games such as Titanfall and Battlefield 4 as part of Origin’s Game Time program.

Sims 4 Game Time

Claim your free trial through the store page and get to Simming! Your time starts after launching the game for the first time.