The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff – Clothing and Hairstyles

Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff CAS Cover

The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff pack was released on August 11th, delivering tasty ice cold treats and a number of new clothing items for your Sims’ wardrobe. This is the most balanced stuff pack to date, with twenty-nine new items for Create A Sim, and twenty-three objects for the Buy catalog.



Cool Kitchen Female Hairstyles

Five stylish medium to long hairstyles are available, complimenting the new selection of clothing. Tops come in many flavors, including two denim jackets, a colorful blazer and scarf, and an open jacket with a pattern print, among others. A worn pair of jeans, belted pants, and a sleek mini skirt with a peek of thigh can be found in the bottoms section. Female Sims also received a new gemstone pendant necklace.



Cool Kitchen Male Hairstyles

Male Sims got a total of two new hairstyles — a medium style with side-swept bangs and a head full of curls. The clothing choices include a blazer over a striped top, denim button up, plaid shirt with a vest, hoodie with a skull and crossbones print, buttoned jacket with a fur collar, and three zipper jackets, along with one pair of worn jeans.


Full Body

Cool Kitchen Stuff Full Body OutfitsServe up some frosty delights in a new gourmet kitchen with these full body apron outfits for both male and female Sims!


The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff – Clothing and Hairstyles

Perfect Patio Clothing

The Perfect Patio Stuff pack doesn’t offer much in terms of Create A Sim content, instead focusing on providing more objects for the Build Catalog. There are some quality pieces included, however.


Perfect Patio Hairstyles

One hairstyle was added for both males and females, along with a cute hairstyle for boys. It will no doubt be converted for adults by modders in no time. You may have to adjust the height of your male Sims’ face for the adult hair, as the hairline is fairly high.


Perfect Patio Tops & Bottoms

Female Sims received one cropped top, with solid color and floral print designs to choose from. Two shirts and a new pair of swim trunks are available for men, perfect for a casual event.


Perfect Patio Full Body OutfitsWomen got the bulk of the clothing, with four full body outfits. These include a stylish dress, two one-piece bathing suits, and a cooking apron with two graphic design variants, also available for men.


Luxury Party Stuff Hairstyles and Clothing in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff released earlier this week, delivering glitter and gold with a number of new fashions and hairstyles for a truly elegant night of fun.



Luxury Party Hairstyles F

Four New Hairstyles!


Luxury Party Accessories


  • One pair of earrings
  • Three necklaces
  • Two bracelets

Luxury Party Makeup


  • Five eye makeups
  • Two eyeliner designs
  • Two lipsticks

Luxury Party Clothing F


  • Two tops
  • Two bottoms
  • Five full body outfits
  • Three pairs of shoes



Luxury Party Hairstyles M

Three New Hairstyles!


Luxury Party Clothing M


  • Two tops
  • Two full body outfits
  • Two pairs of shoes

Luxury Party Stuff Sims

New Hairstyles and Clothing in The Sims 4 Get to Work

Get to Work Fashion Title

The Sims 4 Get to Work adds plenty of trendy boho fashions to display in your Sim’s very own boutique. Not to mention a large assortment of new hairstyles for both men and women.



Get to Work Male Hairstyles

The selection for men is fantastic, with eight hairstyles coming in various lengths and styles. Whether your Sim prefers long hair, short hair, or even a man bun, this expansion has it all. I’ll definitely be giving a few of my Sims one of these new dos.

Get to Work Female Hairstyles

Nine lovely hairstyles for ladies are included, from a short punk style to an afro. My personal favorite is the swept bangs.



Get to Work Male Tops

Snazzy denim and suit jackets, dapper button-ups, and colorful graphic tees are available for males.


Get to Work Female Tops

On the ladies’ side, bare midriff is all the rage. A more conservative look can be accomplished with three stylish jackets available as well.  Otherwise, you can find a nice middle ground with a gradient tank top.



Get to Work Bottoms

The expansion came up short in this department, with only four per gender. Denim shorts are a nice addition for men, and more jean variety is welcome. Females, however, got the short end of the stick with three similar pairs of shorts and one pair of slacks.



Get to Work Male Shoes

Get to Work Female Shoes

Surprisingly, male Sims received a larger range of shoes, including sandals, long work boots, dress shoes, and sneakers. A mere four styles were added for female Sims, with only one pair of heels.


Full Body

Get to Work Full Body Outfits

The full body outfit selection consists mainly of employee uniforms. Male Sims can keep it classy with a long tweed jacket. For a more provocative look, female Sims can rock a romper with a low v-neck.



Get to Work Hats

Adults got their first official beanie, after the tragic exclusivity of the children’s beanie visor (remedied by one of our mods). While I would prefer a shorter style, it’s a nice addition to the game’s catalog of hats.



Get to Work Necklaces

Lots of variety in store with these new beautifully crafted and much needed necklaces. With plenty of designs and color variations, your Sims can find a style for any occasion.


Get to Work Bracelets and Gloves

Men finally received their first pair of gloves, along with beaded bracelets for either wrist. On the female side we have a new metal bracelet for the right wrist and beaded bracelet for the left.


Get to Work Socks and Leggings

Additionally, female Sims can slip on three new pairs of leggings and or a pair of thigh high socks.



Get to Work Child Hairstyles and Accessories

Child Sims received one new hairstyle and hat per gender, along with two new pairs of glasses and necklaces. The first earrings for kids were also included, with a simple diamond for both and an additional heart-shaped pair for girls.


Get to Work Child Clothing

Cute clothing abound, with a bow tie and suspenders full body outfit for boys, and a long sweater, hoodie, and sundress for girls. Both received two new jackets and four new pairs of pants, while girls got an extra hipster cat sweater and a jacket sporting a rainbow graphic.


Get to Work Child Socks and Shoes

Bunny slippers arrived just in time for Easter, joined by dress shoes, work boots, and mismatched socks. Two pairs of boots and striped leg warmers were included exclusively for girls.


Creating Aliens in The Sims 4 Get to Work

Notice: As of May 4th’s update, Aliens now have access to all Create A Sim content aside from skin details available to normal Sims.

Aliens from planet Sixam have arrived and could be hiding amongst your Sims! To create an Alien of your own, head into Create A Sim and select Add Alien under the Add a Sim menu. Most of the customization options have been disabled for Aliens, however the face and body shape adjustments are largely the same.

Get to Work Alien Tattoos

Aliens have their own set of pointy ear shapes, colorful skin tones, eye colors with varying iris designs, exotic makeup, and clothing. They have access to several new tattoos, as well as all of those previously available.

Get to Work Alien Suits

Their wardrobe consists of only two full body suits, each coming in several different colors. Child aliens are much more limited, with only one suit to choose from. Oddly enough, they can use the sunblock added in the pools update.


Get to Work Alien Disguise Options

Life isn’t easy for an Alien in a Sims world. In order to avoid conflict, Aliens must disguise themselves as Sims. Some Sims might not take the deception well, and become angry if they discover an Alien’s true identity. An Alien’s disguise can be altered and equipped by clicking on the active Alien.


Get to Work Alien Disguise

An Alien’s disguise can be customized with all the features of a normal Sim. The face and body shapes can be freely altered without affecting the Alien form. The disguise isn’t foolproof, however.  Aliens must be very careful with their emotions if they wish to remain unnoticed. A high emotional state will cause their body to emit a glow, alerting Sims they interact with to their Alien identity.

Aliens posses telepathic powers, which they can use on Sims:

  • Analyze Personality: Allows an Alien to learn all of a Sim’s traits.
  • Empathize: While disguised, it allows an Alien to safely reveal their true identity. It also positively increases your relationship status.
  • Memory Erase: Resets an Alien’s relationship with the targeted Sim, making them strangers.

This strain on their brain power can cause an uncomfortable moodlet, disabling their powers for two in-game hours.


Get to Work Alien Probe

Other exclusive social interactions are available to Aliens, such as:

  • Scare With Probe (Mischief)
  • Secret Handshake (With other Aliens)
  • Discuss Brain Power
  • Discuss Human Foods
  • Discuss Weird Atmospheric Pressure

We hope you enjoyed our brief look at playing as an Alien. We’ll be posting additional Get to Work articles as we dig deeper into what the expansion has to offer.

The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack Object List

Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Costumes

Deck the halls this winter with a wide variety of Holiday themed objects for the Sims 4. From Christmas, Hanukkah, to Kwanzaa, this pack features an assortment of objects like a Menorah, Kinara, and a Christmas Tree. Tacky holiday sweaters and hats are also available for your Sims.


Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Furniture

Accent your walls with Holiday Garland and Christmas wreaths. Place some snowflakes behind the curtain for a slight hint of a winter wonderland. You can even click on the Christmas Tree, Menorah, and Kinara to lighten the room. Each of the candles can be lightened individually, to count down to that special day. Get into the holiday spirit, by dancing along to new tunes on the Winter Holiday radio station.

Holiday Celebration Pack Object List

  • Holiday Table
  • Holiday Glow
  • Holiday Snowman
  • Holiday Garland
  • String of Snowflakes
  • Hanukkah Garland
  • Holiday Wreath
  • Kinara
  • Menorah
  • Holiday Tree

Holiday Celebration Pack Sims 4



The Sims 4 Challenge: Rise of the Blusimians!

This week’s challenge for The Sims 4 Create A Sim demo was to create a Sim that looks like they come from another planet. We decided to give this one a shot, and here are the results!

The Sims 4 Challenge Space Poster

The fictional Rise of the Blusimians follows the latest adventure of Sheriff Darien Grey and his burly green sidekick, Grun Dal, as they take on a rising threat on planet Blusimia. The great Blusimian race has always lived in harmony within the Simsonian System under the matriarchal rule of the Vol family. Following the death of her beloved sister Samira, Lampira took up the Blusimian crown.



The Sims 4 The Sheriff

Sheriff Darien Grey has sought to bring justice across the Simsonian System for the past eight years.  Under the employ of the Simsonian Supreme Council, the sheriff holds judicial authority throughout the entire system.


The Sims 4 The Sidekick

Grun Dal feels indebted to Grey for his role in safely evacuating the Grensim people a few years back during the events of Disaster on Grensimus. He has followed the sheriff ever since, serving as his sidekick and close friend.


The Sims 4 The Empress

Lampira Vol has a different direction in mind for Blusimia and its people. Tired of living under the Supreme Council’s laws, she thirsts for power. With the combined forces of the Blusimian armada and advanced technology hidden from the council for generations, she just might stand a chance.


The Sims 4 The Unfortunate

Hervey Vol is the sole child of the late Samira Vol. He was cast out of his royal home following Lampira’s rise to power. Now living the simple life, Hervey finds himself caught in the middle of a brewing war. Unknown to Lampira, he holds knowledge of their secret technology and how to disable it. Aiding the council would save many lives, but what will become of Blusimia and its people?


Sims 4: Live Playthrough at Gamescom 2014

Peter Moore (COO of Electronic Arts) and Rachel Franklin (Executive Producer of The Sims 4) presented a live demonstration of The Sims 4 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Sims 4 Angela Merkel

Using the power of the Create A Sim tool, they designed a Sim based off of Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. She looks close enough for the most part, just with a bit more volume to her hair.

Sims 4 Peeter Moore

Next, they showed off Peter Moore’s Sim and made him extremely muscular since he’s been training for marathons. His Sim had some funky body proportions, made even more awkward when he switched into his ‘executive’ outfit. Certainly, you can just click on a body part and shrink those bulging muscles right away.

Sims 4 Build Mode

They proceeded to show off the Build Mode, where you can move an entire mansion just by dragging it across the screen. It wasn’t as snappy as it looked in the trailer videos, but to be fair, it was a complex house that may have needed some time to process moving all those rooms.

Willow Creek neighborhood 1

We even got a little bird’s-eye view of one of the neighborhoods in Willow Creek. Look closely at one of the houses designed to look like the Freezer Bunny.

Sims 4 Pancake bob

In this neighborhood, we get to meet Pancake Bob, whose current mood state made him depressed. Peter Moore’s Sim, in contrast, was generally happy, providing for some unique interactions between the two. Pancake Bob’s emotional interactions lets him complain to others about his problems or ask for advice from other Sims. Peter Moore, on the other hand, could cheer him up, or brighten his day to improve his outlook.

Sims 4 Cowplant

Lastly, we were treated to a special scene with the Cow Plant; which then proceeded to eat Peter Moore as soon as he grabbed the cake dangling from the plant’s tongue. A few moments later, the cow spat him right back out, immediately placing Peter in a bad mood.

Anyway, the major announcement at this event was for the Create A Sim demo which was released yesterday to the general public. I guess the timing of the conference was supposed to coincide with its release, but it appears this was a little too late.

The Sims 4: Gallery CAS Demo Overview

The Sims 4 CAS Demo Logo

We’ve reached the end of our three part The Sims 4 Create A Sim demo walkthrough. Now that we’ve formed our Sims’ personalities and created their looks, it’s time to share them with the world through the Gallery!

The Gallery window consists of three tabs: Home, Community, and My Library.

The Sims 4 Gallery Home

Home tells you how many players are online and the total number of households in the Gallery and your library. You may also find notifications regarding your uploaded households and a list of popular hashtags to the right.


The Sims 4 Gallery Community

Community is the heart of the Gallery. Here you’ll find all of the Sims 4 content players have uploaded. Lots and rooms will also be available on the Gallery in the full release, but for now we can only share Sim households. These can be sorted by the most recent uploads or by the most popular in terms  of downloads or favorites. A checkbox is included for hiding uploads containing any downloadable or expansion content for The Sims 4 that you don’t currently own. They can also be searched for by name, the Origin ID of the creator, or by hashtag.


The Sims 4 Gallery My Library

My Library contains all of your saved households, including any downloaded from the Gallery. The files are stored locally on your computer and can be found in the Tray folder.

Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo/Tray


The Sims 4 Household Preview

Uploading a household to the Gallery is accomplished through the household preview window. A button can be found at the bottom left corner which when clicked will upload your household to the Gallery. Before doing this you may want to add a description, including any relevant hashtags if you wish.

The Sims 4 Gallery Upload Notice

After a short load your content will appear on the Gallery and a notification will pop up. Your uploads can be removed at any time by clicking the same button.


The Sims 4 Gallery Profile

You may also showcase one of your uploads prominently on your Gallery profile. Clicking your Origin ID at the top of the window will take your profile. Other players can follow you, leave comments, and view the full catalog of your uploaded creations from here.


The Sims 4 Gallery Household

Downloading content from the Gallery is just as simple. Clicking on another player’s household will bring up a familiar window. From here you can save the household to your library, favorite it, share it on Facebook, report it for inappropriate content, or bring it right into Create A Sim. The creator’s profile can be accessed by clicking on their name.

The Sims 4 Gallery Modified

If another player uses your creations in their own Gallery upload, you will receive credit as the original creator.

Interestingly, the Create A Sim demo installation includes a Mods folder. With the right tools you can already start making custom textures for your Sims to fashion. An official Sims blog entry posted this week elaborated on this. They’ll be adding a basic guide explaining the game’s file structure and how to work with the files for modding purposes within the next few weeks. The updated Sims forums currently in the works will also include a section for modding and custom content discussion.

The Sims 4 SimCitizens Staff


That wraps up our Create A Sim demo walkthrough.


Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo: Editing The Head and Body

The Sims 4 CAS Demo Logo

We’re back with part two of our The Sims 4 Create A Sim demo walkthrough. This time we’ll focus on editing our Sim’s appearance.

Editing the Head


When you move the cursor over your Sim, you’ll notice that individual parts of their body will become highlighted. This indicates which parts can be adjusted. These parts can be dragged with your mouse and molded as you wish. When you reach the limit in any given direction that a part can be adjusted, it will light up red.



While zoomed out you can adjust the overall size of the head. You’ll need to zoom in close to the face to access its individual features. These include the head shape, eyebrows, eyes, ears, cheeks, nose, mouth, chin, and jaw. Rotating your Sim will allow you to perform additional adjustments.



You’ll notice than when you click on one of these body parts, a selection of different choices for that part will appear to the right. Each appears to be in some way unique and has its own limitations for adjustment. When you’re ready to start editing the finest details of your Sim’s face, double click on any part of the face or use the Detail Edit Mode button to the left. Now you can adjust things such as the nostrils, upper and lower lips, and even the size of the eye’s iris.


face buttons

To the right of your Sim’s head you will see six buttons.

Face will allow you to change your Sim’s skin tone and choose from preset faces spanning various ethnicities. You can also add additional skin details such as wrinkles, freckles, and beauty marks.

face details

Hair gives you access to a nice variety of different hairstyles. There are 18 hair colors to pick from. Each clothing category can have its own hairstyle. To make finding the perfect hairstyle easier, the game includes a Filter Panel containing filters for length and texture.

Facial Hair (males only) contains various beards, goatees, and moustaches. There is a checkbox in case you don’t want your Sim’s facial hair (or eyebrows) to match the color of their hairstyle.

The Sims 4 Facial Hair

Hats has several types of headgear to choose from. Like all clothing, it can be filtered by color, material, outfit category, and style. It can also be sorted by brimmed and baseball caps. One exciting new feature is that hats can be worn on any hairstyle.

The Sims 4 Hats

Accessories includes earrings, glasses, and necklaces. Each accessory type can be worn together. There are no options for wearing just one earring.

The Sims 4 Accessories

Makeup has the standard eye, cheek, and lip makeup. Unlike previous titles, males and females do not share the same makeup selection. Males are limited to black eyeliner and darker eyeshadow colors.

The Sims 4 Makeup


Editing the Body

The Sims 4 Body

To the left you’ll find two sliders for adjusting muscle and weight. Editing the body is mostly the same as the head, but there is no Detail Edit Mode or additional limb types to select from. Like the head, there are a series of buttons to the right.

body buttons

Body gives a selection of preset bodies and allows you to change your Sim’s skin tone.


You can also add tattoos to your Sim, some of which can be recolored and most of which are gender specific.

Styled Looks contains stylish clothing combinations. These will be updated periodically after the game’s release.

The Sims 4 Styled Looks

Tops is where you’ll find various upper body wear. There is a wide variety of different types of clothing to choose from here, or your Sim can just go topless.

Full Body has unique top and bottom apparel combinations. These can’t be worn in conjunction with clothing from the Tops or Bottoms buttons.

Bottoms houses various lower body wear. Jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. can be found here.

Accessories for the body include bracelets, rings, and socks, as well as gloves and leggings for females.

The Sims 4 Body Accessories

Your Sim can wear rings on multiple fingers, and one bracelet can be worn per wrist.

Shoes has footwear for every occasion. Keep those toes free by having your Sim go barefoot if you’d like.

There are five clothing categories, including Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Sleep, and Party wear. In The Sims 4, your Sim has every piece of clothing available for each category. Your Sim can attend a formal party in their underwear or sleep fully clothed!

clothing categories

The third and final part of our walkthrough will detail The Gallery and any additional information not mentioned in this or the previous article.