The Sims 4 Dine Out Livestream: Restaurant Rundown

On the cusp of the launch of the Dine Out game pack was a new livestream with information regarding the restaurant management system. Let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect to see when the pack releases on June 7th.

Sims 4 Restaurant Management

The business button located to the far right of the screen will be your go-to location in customizing your restaurant.

Restaurant Employee Sims 4

With the Manage Employees button, players can hire chefs, hosts, waiters. Listed underneath each potential employee are stats that influence their performance. For example, with chefs, the cooking skill and mixology skill influences the quality of food and drinks they prepare. Waiters rely on the fitness skill to reduce the chances they drop a meal. In addition, Charisma will also be necessary to improve the customer’s satisfaction to their service.

Restaurant Management 2

Within the Restaurant Settings menu, you can setup the price markup, advertising costs, the restaurant’s menu, the employee uniforms, and the customer’s dress code. You can set the price markup to a maximum of 300%. However, high markups require high quality food. Customers may give the restaurant a poor “Value Rating” if the high price doesn’t match the quality.

Sims 4 Dine Out Menu

Certainly it wouldn’t be a restaurant if you couldn’t customize the menu. Underneath each meal is a difficulty rating that could lead to poor quality meals if the chef has low cooking skills. If you don’t have the time to sift through all the meals, there are presets available to help you fill the menu quickly.

Your employees will have a selection of uniforms to select. Aside from full-body attire, there are restaurant themed tops as well.

The final option in the Restaurant Settings menu lists the customer dress code. Here you can select everday, athletic, swimwear, party, and sleepwear.

Customer Talk Sims 4

As the manager, you’ll mainly be tasked with keeping your customers happy! You can welcome them to the restaurant, check on their table, and give them free drinks, food, and desserts. You’ll also will be responsible for keeping your staff in line through praising, criticizing, firing, or paying for their training to increase their skills. With cooks, there’s even an extra menu where you can suggest changes to their cooking speed.

Restaurant Stats Sims 4

Clicking the Shift Summary button opens up a panel with the current status of your restaurant. From here you can view your net profits, customer reviews, and employee satisfaction.

Sims 4 Rating

Above each customer is a star rating that represents their current satisfaction with the restaurant. By hovering over that sim, you can see their opinion on the restaurant. As you increase the star rating for your restaurant, more and more Sims will stop by to the point where you could see 16 sims at a given time. A neat little interaction for the more important patrons, like the Food Critic, is the “prioritize food” option. This speeds up meal preparation for the table you select, at the cost of delaying another customer’s meal.  

Sims 4 Perks

As you continue to run the restaurant, you’ll earn points that can be spent on Restaurant Perks to add additional functionality to your business. First we have, “Curious Customers” which unlocks a new interaction where customers can ask management what dish they should order. There’s also “Surplus Harvest,” a temporary perk which reduces the cost on ingredients to prepare the meal. “Meal Rush” applies a temporary boost to the number of customers who visit the establishment. Other perks we saw include, “Patient Patrons,” “Well Managed,” “Tidy Tippers,” and “Well Funded Foodies.”


Sims 4 Introduces Gender Fluidity to Create-a-Sim


Today’s new update marks the first time in Sims history where Sims can officially wear clothes outside of their gender. Kiss those mods goodbye, as now your Sims will gain access to almost the entire lineup of clothes, hairstyles, voices, and accessories that were previously only available to specific genders.

Gender Update Examples

Create-A-Sim will now utilize a Gender Customization option that allows you to change whether the Sim has a masculine or feminine frame, their toileting behavior, and whether or not they can be impregnated. Create-A-Sim will also have a new filter that lets you toggle the display of masculine or feminine fashion choices.



Gender Update Render

These new changes follow in line closely to games like Saints Row 3, which was one of the few at its time to allow the main character to wear clothes of either gender.

Sims 4 New Gender Options To help visualize these changes, let’s go through the process of creating a new sim. First you select whether the Sim is male or female. By default the clothing options, hairstyles, and accessories will only display fashion choices matching the Sim’s sex.  If you wish to display clothing of the opposite gender, you’ll need to disable the [masculine] or [feminine] filter.

Sims 4 Gender CustomizationUnderneath the male and female symbols are the Gender Customization Options. This allows you to change your Sim’s physical frame, their clothing preference, their pregnancy setting, and how they’ll use the toilet.

For those curious about the random generation of townies, Lindsay Pearson took to twitter to clarify that “the game will not automatically create any NPCs using this new functionality.”

Sims 4 Sunlight effect

Aside from this, we finally have the new lightning system that was announced in a previous post. This new effect allows both the sun and the moon to project through the windows if the player sets their Lighting settings to Very High in Options.

The Sims 4 Lets The Sunlight In With A New Update

Sims 4 Sunlight effect

SimGuruPizza shared a screenshot of the new lighting effect that’s coming along in a future update. This effect allows sunlight to cast through the windows against objects and the floor.

Sims 4 Sunlight Effect

The new effect was first spotted for a brief moment in the new trailer for The Sims 4: Dine Out! Here you can see the sunlight shine over the tables and the wood panel flooring.

Aside from that, there have been other minor tidbits revealed on Twitter as well. For instance, we can have birthday party and dates inside the restaurant.  We can also post our photos to “Simstagram” and receive a +1 Happy Moodlet for doing so.  Well that’s all for now, see you next time!

Sims 4 Update (4/21/2016): Tragic Clown Returns


Tragic Clown Sims

No longer just a mere painting, the Tragic Clown has officially returned to the Sims as a new NPC. This sim can spawn in two different ways, by either randomly appearing on a community lot or from being summoned from viewing the Tragic Clown painting.

Tragic Clown Sims 4 Pub

Upon viewing the painting a second time, a notification will pop up alerting you of his presence. He emits a a +2 sadness aura for Sims close by and will randomly perform juggling acts that tend to fail miserably.

Aside from that, this update contains a few bug fixes for both PC and Mac. The most notable one is for the Mac version where players were unable to connect to the gallery if too many mods were installed.

Sims 4 Update (02/04/2016): Gardeners and Tragic Clowns

The Sims 4 updated today with a surprise update celebrating the series 16th anniversary. Items and interactions from previous games in the franchise were included in today’s patch.

Sims 4 Gardener

First we have the Gardener, who can be hired from the cellphone menu. They tend to appear in the mornings at 9:00 AM to water your plants. If you think they’re doing a great job, you can even give them a tip of 100 Simoleons.

Tragic Clown Sims 4

Next is the Tragic Clown painting which first appeared in The Sims 1. Sims who gaze upon this miserable painting will be swept with of sadness. Aside from that, there’s the Plumbob poster to celebrate The Sims’ 16th Anniversary.

Kleptomaniac Skill

The Kleptomaniac Trait from The Sims 3 has returned enabling Sims to swipe objects from their neighbors. Kleptomaniacs who get caught in the act will have the Embarrassed moodlet. Kleptomanics also gain a few social interactions, such as nervously asking a Sim about their “prized possessions”, or “enthusing over the Thrill of stealing.”

Grilled Cheese SIms 4

Lastly we have the Grilled Cheese aspiration. It unlocks after eating several Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Once it’s selected, you can chat with others about Grilled Cheese. Completing all the tasks in the Aspiration unlocks the new “Melt Master” trait. This trait allows Sims to summon Grilled Cheese sandwiches and paint Grilled Cheese on an easel.

Custom Content Logo

One cool minor feature lets you filter custom content from the base game. In addition, all custom content will now have a blue wrench icon attached to their portraits.

Other notable aspects to this update are:

  • The inclusion of the Treat items from the #TeamTrick vs #TeamTreat event.
  • Twitter functionality, allowing you to post screenshots and achievements.
  • New Audio Settings, letting your radio music match the game’s current speed.

Previous Sims 4 Release Notes can be found in The Sims 4 Updates category.


Sims 4 Update (01/07/2016): Movie Posters and Being Asked to Leave

sims 4 logoThis time it’s a pre-stuff pack update gearing up for the Movie Hangout pack coming out next week!

Sims 4 Movie Posters

Create your own personalized cinema with these 8 new movie posters based on previously released promotional trailers for The Sims 4. Now you can reminisce the moments when Amber’s theme song played for the very first time — or take a trip down memory lane when those doctors stripped down in the Malpractice video. Each poster is beautifully encased in a glossy frame, adding a splash of color that’s perfect for your entertainment room.

List of Movie Posters

  • It’s Amber!
  • Stay Weirder
  • Cow Plant Love
  • Cop and Llama
  • Malpractice
  • Epic Wood
  • Sul Sul
  • Still Life

Pesky Neighbor SIms 4

A long-time staple feature to the Sims series has finally returned. If your Sim behaves inappropriately at a neighbor’s house, they may ask for your Sim to leave the premises.

Last but not least is a change to the way Sims react to fights. Sims will cheer on friends who win a fight, while enemies will cheer when their adversary loses.

DJ Mixing and Dance Skill Guide: The Sims 4 Get Together

DJ Mixing Skill

As a DJ, your sole responsibility is to keep the party pumping with the hottest tunes across every genre. But the only way to reach max stardom is to practice on the turntable. The Sims 4: Get Together provides aspiring DJs a plethora of DJ Booths which can be upgraded to create an even more spectacular event.

A DJ Booth IN The SIms 4 Get Together

Obviously, your first order of business is to purchase a DJ Booth. As your sim practices on the turntables, they’ll unlock new music genres and upgrades for the DJ Booth.

Skill Level Genre Unlocked Extra Notes
1  Groovin’
2 Machine Allows Sim to Switch Genres
3 Chip Tune Allows Sim to Discuss DJ Techniques
4 Chill Out
5 Breakbeats
6 Remix Unlocks upgrades to DJ Booth
Enables “Get Hyped” interaction to draw onlooking Sims to the audience
Dynamic Surge Protection prevents the DJ Booth from breaking.
Advanced Heat-Sink prevents the DJ Booth from catching on fire.
7  House  Enables More DJ Booth Upgrades.
Particle Generators enables visual effects from the DJ Booth
Plasma Display adds a monitor to the DJ Booth
8 Hip Hop

Unlocks Telesplosion Upgrade.

Allows Creation of Mixtape “Mix O Lot”
The Wireless Display Override allows Telesplosion to take control of nearby video monitors.
9 Drum n Bass

Unlocks Mixtapes “Wiky Wiky” & “Scratch n Switch”

10 Noise

Unlocks “Set the Mood”

Unlocks Robo Helmet in CAS
Unlocks “Digital Era,” “Party Hardy,” & “Party Hardy” Mixtapes
DJ Booth Upgrades
The DJ Booth has a variety of upgrades.

DJ Booths first become upgradedable when the DJ Mixing skill reaches level 6. These upgrades require your Sim to have a certain amount of Common and Electronic upgrade parts. A quick way to gather these items is to have a Sim with a high level handiness skill buy the parts from a computer. From here you can ferry these parts over to the DJing Sim to let them upgrade the DJ Booth. 

At level 7, you’ll gain access to the particle generator and plasma display upgrade. Once implemented, the Particle Generator’s effects can be toggled through the [Control Panel] button on the DJ booth.

Telesplosion affects nearby television sets

One other interesting upgrade is the “Telesplosion” effect. This upgrade displays looping animations on TV screens nearby. Unfortunately these animations do not sync up well with the video shown on the DJ booth. 

Custom Mixes
DJs can also create their own custom mix!

At level 8, DJs will be allowed to create their own custom mixes. These mixes take pretty much the entire day to create. But once it’s completed, you can name the mix and play it during parties or gain royalties from licensing the mix at the mailbox.

Feel The Crowd

“Get Hyped,” and “Feel the Crowd,” are two interactions you can perform to the audience at the DJ Booth. The former draws onlookers into the audience, while the latter attempts to change the mood of the crowd. There’s only four moods to choose from: confident, flirty, dazed, and energetic.  Choose wisely, as initiating this action will disable it for a period of time.

The Robo Helmet unlocks for Sims who reach
The Robo Helmet unlocks for Sims who max their DJ skills.
Cheat Name Cheat Code
DJ Mixing Skill stats.set_skill_level Major_DJ 10

Dancing Skill

Unlike the DJing skill, the Dancing skill caps off at level 5. As your Sim levels up, they’ll gain new dance moves they can perform alone or with a group! This skill is incredibly easy to level up. In fact, making everyone dance together in a group is a surefire way to max out their skill levels.

Dance Skill Sims 4

Sims can practice dance moves at a stereo, DJ booth, full-length mirror, or on a dance floor.

Skill Level Solo Moves Unlocked
Choreographed Moves Unlocked Extra Notes
1 Arm Charm One’ Two’ Steppin’
2 Pump-Pop Boogie Down Woogie Let’s Sim discuss Dance Techniques with others.
3 Jimmy Leg Break it Down Portable Dance Floor is sent to Sim’s inventory.
4 Light Spin Spin, Snap, Swag
5 Back Flip Lean Back Acquires Retro Sneakers in CAS

Dance 4

All dance moves, whether solo or in a group, must be performed on a dance floor. At the start of the routine, your Sim will begin to shoo away nearby sims. While performing their moves, there’s a slight chance they mess up and even sit out the rest of the performance.

Portable Dance Mat and Retro Sneakers

Sims will unlock the Portable Dance Mat and Retro Sneakers as they progress through the skill. The portable dance mat is reminiscent to those old cardboard mats used in the breakdancing scene in the 80’s.

Cheat Name Cheat Code
Dancing Skill stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 5

Sims 4: Holiday Celebration Pack Expands with New Items

Holiday Celebration Pack 2015

The Holiday Celebration Pack was first released in 2014 as optional DLC for those who wish to have a more festive experience. This year it returns with six brand new items to decorate your home just in time for Christmas.

Among the list of items are “Decorative Presents,” which are actually a pair of objects with boxes stacked with gifts for the holiday. The “Snowflake Replica” provides wintry ambiance for the home in a decorative ice sculpture replica made entirely out of plastic. On the wall towards the back are “Snowflake Decals” that come with two different designs in 5 pairs of colors. Lastly is the “Pre-Strung Tree of Lights” which allows you to decorate your surroundings with a tree wrapped in Christmas lights.


But wait there’s more! Now your sims can deck the halls at their next family gathering with 4 new formal outfits, one for each gender of child and adult.


A Tour Through Windenburg in The Sims 4: Get Together

Sims 4 Espresso

Today’s reveal marked an introduction of the various sights and sounds your Sims can explore in the European inspired world of Windenburg. In our last post, we were only given a glimpse at one of the venues in the Business District, but today we were excited to see other areas too, like the public pool and café!

The Café offers Sims a chance to dine on freshly brewed espresso and decadent croissants. A barista will be inside ready to take an order!

Next up is our first official Public Pool! Known as the “Bath du Rill,” this venue will allow Sims to sit underneath the shade of a beach umbrella, or take a splash into the pristine waters using the “Diving Platform.”

Off into the countryside is the pub where Sims can hang out playing darts, foosball, and even Jenga!


The Sims 4 Bluffs Ruins

Way off into the distance is the “Bluffs” a mountainous island with decaying ruins. Here Sims will be able to swim in the Natural Pool!


Sims 4 Von Haunt Estate

Last but not least is the Von Haunt estate, a luxurious manor haunted by ghosts! Here your Sims can explore an exquisite garden maze.

The party doesn’t stop there, however. Head downtown to the club for a dancing extravaganza, or over to the ruins for some after hours fun with a portable bar and enticing bushes.


The Sims 4: Get Together: Dance Skill and DJ Booth Preview

Sims 4 Get Together Dance Mat

Maxis released yet another trailer for The Sims 4: Get Together! This time, the video focuses on new skills where Sims can bust out the hottest dance moves or play the latest tunes on the DJ Booth.


Sims 4 DJ Booth

With practice, Sims can level up their DJ skills to unlock more types of music to play. Once they reach a certain level, they’ll gain the ability to “pump up the crowd” causing Sims nearby to fist pump the music. There will also be a new trait called “The Dance Machine,” being described with the ability to help your Sim pick up new dance moves.


Sims 4 Synchronized Dancing

Aside from that, we learned you can dance in-sync with your club members and even challenge one of them to a dance battle!


Windenburg Business District

The trailer also briefly showed off a new section of Windenburg which appears to be the Business district shown in the concept artwork. This modern locale sits on a pier surrounded by Tudor style buildings off into the distance.


Windenburg Club

Within this district is a new dance club, one of the few locations you can show off your new dance moves in The Sims 4: Get Together!